Ignite passion for your job!
Engage employees in 
continuous improvement! ​

Individual employees can attend these workshops, or teams of employees from the same organization can attend training together. I recommend supervisors attend trainings with their employees if long-term change is the goal. 

Individual Performance Coaching

If you are interested in individual performance coaching, email me your request. Please include the primary goal you would like to achieve through coaching. 

Coaching for Coaches

People starting their own coaching businesses sometimes contact me for career coaching. If you are interested in this option, you are welcome to email me. To be clear: I have no magic bullet for a six figure income in five easy steps. I am not going to send you down a rabbit hole of sales funnel layers. What I can assist with is a plan based in hard work, discipline, consistency, and creating options. If this interests you,

please contact me. 

I contract with The Butte College Training Place to facilitate workshops on a variety of topics. Watch this video for an overview of our program and contact us to learn how we can support your work: 

Training Registration Links:

Butte County employees don't have to drive to Sacramento or Davis for a valuable training experience. Our team of trainers hold international and national certifications, have real-life work experience, and can customize training for your team. You will find our workshops are unbelievably reasonably priced in comparison to some out-of-town "canned" options who might not be familiar with the organizations in their audience.

Catherine Goggia is known for being able to provide examples specific to her audience so every topic is

relevant for each training participant. 

Relevant For YOU!

The Butte College Training Place Mission:

We respond to community needs by providing

performance improvement solutions resulting in

economic development, sustainability and growth.

If you would like more 

information about our training programs, and to find out if your organization qualifies for training funding,

call (530) 895-9015.

Catherine Goggia's 
training topics menu includes: 

- Essential Communication Skills
- Navigating & Resolving Conflict
- Team Development
- Providing Stellar Customer Service (internally and externally)
- Super Worker to Supervisor, Transitioning to a Leadership Position​
- Employee Performance Coaching
- Working Productively with Challenging Coworkers
- Bringing Organization Values To Life!

Organizations in Northern California: Catherine is available as your keynote speaker at employee events.