​If you feel like you are working hard totry and do right by your employees and your organization, but things aren't panning out the way you imagine it could be, then I'm the coach for you. I assure you I have tools to make things easier for you. 


My mission is to enhance employee job satisfaction levels and consistent productivity through tools and information you can apply immediately. Employee performance coaching, work team training, and organization development are my key roles when contracted by employers. 

I facilitate group trainings open to the public and webinars through The Butte College Training Place, and individual performance coaching through various platforms. The content I develop and deliver is based in real-life work experience. 

I also assist organizations with their new hire on-boarding schedule and training materials. 

I taught Business Communication classes at Butte College for 15 years and was honored to be the recipient of the Excellence In Academics Golden Apple Award. 

Publishing the Relatable Leader book series based on my live training content is a project driven by client requests. I am excited to launch the series and have several titles on deck. 

Stay tuned!