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Catherine Goggia's

training topics menu includes: 

- Essential Communication Skills

- Navigating & Resolving Conflict

- Team Development

- Providing Stellar Customer Service (internally and externally)

- Super Worker to Supervisor, Transitioning to a Leadership Position

- Email Templates: communicating human to human

vs. computer to computer

- Employee Coaching:

Winning Techniques & Tools

- Working Productively with Challenging Coworkers

- Bringing Organization Values To Life!

Organizations in Northern California: Catherine is available as your keynote speaker at employee events. 

Relatable Leader is the branch of Catherine's work focused on employee skills, with an emphasis on leadership effectiveness.

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The first in the

Relatable Leader Series

to support your success at work

and in the

8 Key Areas of your life. 

d in life!!!

1. Shake off attitude blockers. 

2. Map out specific plans based on your personal attitude factors and current life rating in 8 key areas of your life. 

3. Create and use tools to motivate you toward consistent action on your 2-year vision plan. 

4. Stop blaming others for your attitude: find out how to tap into the strengths of your temperament and personality and take responsibility for your attitude!

Text + Workbook in one. 

​More than 300 pages of content

includes 55 illustrations by Catherine. 

Books - Online Courses - Podcast - Blog                                               "LEAD BY EXAMPLE!"

Click on the above link to purchase the training workbook I created as part of the the Super Worker to Supervisor series kick-off. Many times front line employees are good at the tasks of their jobs, and therefore get promoted into leadership positions.  However, leadership requires personal and social competencies many front line workers lack - and don't know it. If you hope to be an effective leader, the starting place is to lead yourself first. This workbook will help you develop required competencies and establish your leadership foundation. 

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Books - Online Courses - Workshops - Webinars

I train front line employees, supervisors, and managers so you can work in your highest potential and enjoy your job.  

Attitude workshops can be scheduled on location at The Butte College Training Place or through a webinar for your employees. See employee feedback in these two videos!

This unique testimonial is also very real. Can my Attitude book and workshop change lives? Based on more than 15 years of experience, the answer is, "YES!" .

Webinar Topics - Join Catherine live and online for two hour trainings: 

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- Driving Change

​- Email Excellence 

​- Essential Communication Skills

- How to Work with Different Communication Styles 

​- Workload Management 

​- Motivating Others

​- Navigating Conflict

​- Resolving Workplace Conflict

​- Leading Team Development

​- Managing Difficult Conversations

​- Coaching Employee Performance

- Interview Readiness

Keep checking back because I'm going to be adding new topics to this list in the coming months. 

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WOW… Relatable Leader Podcast is flat out awesome.

Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Catherine. Keep bringing it.